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Trusted Partners
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Why choose Dexr Stage for your training offerings?

Freedom to create with XR

Dexr Stage is a platform that enables you to create XR learning content yourself, enriching your learning creativity with XR technology. All of this without the need for programming knowledge.

Design and create interactive simulations and activities, allowing you to integrate your unique learning style and personality.

Freedom to create with XR

Engaging instructional design

Dexr Stage seamlessly blends evidence-informed instructional design with meaningful game design techniques, enhancing learner engagement and maximizing learning effectiveness.

Our spatial learning method foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, making learning meaningful and impactful.

Engaging instructional design

Insights for meaningful support

Maximize the use of learning analytics with Dexr Stage. Obtain valuable data to monitor progress, identify learning challenges, and provide personalized support to your trainees.

Furthermore, the platform facilitates easy integrations for a seamless connection with your LMS system, leading to an efficient exchange of insights and analytics.

Insights for meaningful support

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