We aim to tackle global upskilling and reskilling challenges in industry and education

With Dexr Stage we’re developing a sustainable, flexible, scalable and cost-effective solution to enhance the potential of XR technology for learning.

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Trusted partners

Trusted Partners
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Our story


The story of Dexr began with a big dream that our team shared: to change learning and training for the better. We recognized the untapped potential of XR technology and were determined to utilize it more effectively. Our goal was to create an accessible platform with Dexr, offering immersive learning experiences that are not only effective but also motivating.

Joining forces and collaborating with more like-minded individuals, the Dexr Stage platform was born. It represents a synergy of our expertise in human-centric product design, evidence-informed learning principles, XR technology, and game design. We strive to improve learning in a sustainable way.

The five E's


At Dexr, five E's are part of our culture and DNA.


At Dexr, empowerment is at the heart of everything we do. We truly believe in the transformative power of personal development for individuals and society as a whole. Our commitment to empowerment drives us to innovate tools that enable trainers and educators to craft their own learning journeys. Our sole focus is providing accessible and sustainable XR learning solutions to foster creativity, autonomy, and growth in lifelong learning.


Dexr values trust built on security, transparency and fulfilling our promises. We commit to these values through responsibility and accountability. Our XR learning solutions are designed to deliver the promised value and impact, reinforcing the trust educators and learners place in us and fostering a partnership grounded in reliability, integrity and shared success.


Our team embodies the spirit of Dexr. We champion optimism and eagerness, believing that valued individuals achieve greatness. At Dexr, we enjoy the journey, fostering positivity, diversity, and kindness, as these are the pillars of a strong team.


We do not take anything for granted. Our approach is guided by evidence, not just intuition or expertise. Research-driven insights shape our products, ensuring they truly empower learners. We take this further by offering insights to demonstrate the effectiveness of our products. Evidence underscores our commitment to quality at every stage.


Excellence is key in our pursuit of empowerment. We adhere to the highest standards in all aspects of our work, from product quality to user support. Our commitment to excellence means our products don't just meet but exceed trainer and learner expectations, offering immersive learning experiences that inspire ongoing improvement. Our human-centric design approach, with learners as our priority, is fundamental to achieving this excellence.


Let's work together to shape the future of learning!